Month: October, 2012

Barnett Newman and Leghilà

Barnett Newman, Onement, III, 1949

Leghilà, Neoprene tote


Joseph Cornell and Glass Shadow Boxes

Joseph Cornell, The Hotel Eden, 1945

Glass Shadow Boxes, West Elm

Anna Atkins and Alphabet Trays

Anna Atkins, Seaweed cyanotope, 1843–1853

Alphabet Trays from West Elm

Ming Ceramics and Orange You Lucky

A rare Ming-style blue and white basin, 18th century

Orange You Lucky pattern

Brancusi and Brass Mirrors

Brancusi, Prométhée, 1911

Brass Mirrors by Morie Nishimura

Giorgio Morandi and Elle Deco

Morandi, Natura Morta II, 1957

Elle Deco July 2012

Calder and Staircase

Alexander Calder, Two Spirals (Deux spirales), 1974


Ben Nicholson and Elephant Ceramics

Ben Nicholson, 1935 (White Relief), 1935

Elephant Ceramics

Alberta Bamonte and Chinese Ceramics



Alberta Bamonte, Tile 1

A group of three Ge-type Scholar’s Objects, 18th century 

Donald Judd and Röshults Cabinets

Donald Judd, Untitled, 1985

Röshults Cabinets